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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  December 30, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PST

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seven figur against the chosen quarterback? it's "way too early" for this. good morning, i'm willie geist, and this is "way too early," the show that bets ten large a week on the wnba. i'm glad you're watching with us on msnbc or listening live at sirius xm radio. shoot me an e-mail or tweet me at willie geist1. or do what rg 3 does and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this friday, december 30th.ç it is our last show of 2011, and there's a lot going on today, including michele bachmann talking in iowa about her semiautomatic we of choice and it is a good-sized gun. we'll tell you about it. plus, we continue our fond
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look back at the clips of the year. and we finish strong, i have to say, with the coonskin capped eyewitness to a police pursuit in the panhandle. i dare you to miss this clip. the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. it all comes down to this weekend in iowa, the first major test for the republican presidential field today kicks off a final sprint to the finish line before tuesday's caucuses and what could be a make or break moment in the race for the white house. our new nbc news maris poll in the state shows mitt romney, ron paul running neck and neck at the front of the pack. they're followed by rick santorum who has jumped into third with 15% support. rick perry, by the way, right behind santorum essentially tied with him at 14%. neutral has lost 15 points since december 4th, he's down there at 13%. michele bachmann polling at 6% according to our brand new nbc poll. six months ago, mitt romney was
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passing up the opportunity. today he's going all in, drawing huge crowds at campaign rallies with a message aimed squarely at the man whose job he's trying to take. >> this is not an election just to change presidents, it's an election to save the soul of america. >> i spent my life in the private sector, spent myç lifen business, only four years in government, i didn't inhale. i'm -- i'm still a business guy. i'm a business guy. and a father and a husband and a grandfather first. i love america. i know what it takes to get us strong again. i watched the president. he says, well, it could have been worse. that goes down there with let them eat cake. >> marie antoinette reference. in addition to his bus tour, mitt romney also rolling out a pricey 62nd campaign spot aimed at winning over undecided voters in iowa. >> when generations of
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immigrants looked up and saw the statue of liberty for the first time, one thing they knew beyond any doubt and that is they were coming to a place where anything was possible. that in america their children would have a better life. i believe in that america. the spirit of enterprise, innovation, pioneering, and can do, propelled our standard of living and economy past any other nation on earth. and in the campaign to come, the american ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense, and i intend to make it because i have lived it. we stand for freedom and opportunity and hope, the principles that made this nation a great and powerful leader of the world have not lost their meaning. they never will. i'm mitt romney, i believe in america, and i'm running for president of the united states. >> 60-second ad there running in the state of iowa right now. romney not the only candidate packing the house.
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standing room only, many of ron paul's events, we showed you the polls that have him effectively tied with mitt romney atop the poll. that's attracting all sorts of attacks now from ron paul's opponents. the congressman fighting back in negative tv ads focusing largely on policy during campaign rallies. he spent the first ten minutes of his speech in council bluffs railing against bailouts, a theme he's been on for a long time. our reporters have the ground game covered in the state of iowa. and we will start with garrett who joins us by phone right now from west des moines. garrett, you watch mitt romney out there right now, it appears his campaign can smell something big on tuesday. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning. it's starting to look that way. you're starting to see bigger and bigger crowds at these events. i covered him in iowa at the beginning of the cycle. he'd have a decent number of people, respectful, but you're
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starting to see bigger crowds and bigger theatrics. last night at the rally, they pulled their bus into this warehouse and the crowd went nuts. it was a big moment for pretty button down candidate. but of course, before he can focus totally on tuesday, he's going to go back to new úysg going to spend less than 24 hours up there, but just to remind folks back up in new hampshire, that was the state he was most focused on and he's got it in the back of his mind. >> what are you hearing from voters? the people there in iowa about the way they feel about mitt romney? he's been a guy who wasn't sure even if he should play himself there in the state of iowa. but something has changed in the way voters look at him. >> yeah, you know, you do hear % little bit of the sort of grumbling he hasn't taken as seriously or spent as much time as he did last cycle, but you hear this is a better candidate. we were talking to some voters
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last night who said this is a guy who is more focused. he's got a little bit more spine this time around. not chasing as many rabbits, sticking to one message in a focused -- more consistent, more poised kind of way. >> and garrett, he's -- we know chris christie is in the state as a surrogate for mitt romney. what kind of draw has he been? has he been helpful to mitt romney out there? >> reporter: christie's done one other major event for romney. he had sort of a mini rally that was the one event for romney i've been to that's gotten hit by occupy protesters. if you're going to occupy anybody's event, christie's a dangerous person to try. and shrugged that off and that became the headline. christie has three events with romney today. a couple with the candidate. we'll see if he's able to pack the house as he's been able to back in new jersey. >> thanks so much for waking up early. it's a big weekend out there.
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we'll see you. let's bring in andrew in davenport, iowa. andrew, you've been following rick santorum for months now. he's made a late jump in the polls here, polling in about third place in most of the polls. what constitutes a win for him? how is the santorum campaign looking at iowa right now? >> earlier in the week, that was the question. how well did you need to do to punch your ticket on iowa? and what santorum was saying was exceeding expectations. what exactly expectations were for himç was a little unclear. but really throughout the week, the narrative has changed from what do you need to do to get out of iowa to why is it that you're going to presumably do well in iowa, exceed expectations? certainly from those polling numbers we saw as recently as earlier in the month. so a win for rick santorum is really -- what he said, he said
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he's competing in a very distinct caucus between himself, michele bachmann, and rick perry, that evangelical vote. so certainly beating those two candidates would be something he would constitute as a major victory and building on momentum and taking that to new hampshire. >> well, we know he's doing well when he starts getting attacks from other candidates. rick perry went after santorum on his record for earmarks. is there a sense from the santorum campaign that if they do well, whatever that standard is for them in iowa that they will be able to have the money and resources to move on to new hampshire, to south carolina, on to florida? do they have enough of a campaign infrastructure to keep going? >> reporter: yeah, well that is kind of the line he's been repeating. he needs to get a boost from iowa in order to make a splash in this. and it really means getting more fund raising, showing donors that he is a viable candidate, that he can make some noise in the event.
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last night he had a record crowd, at least for his campaign, it was the largest crowd here in davenport, about 300 people. and afterwards, you could see that they were collecting some money. he had inspired some people to make some donations. so we've seen howç negative ad can really impact the race. we saw it with newt gingrich and now rick perry having audio ad, radio ad going up against santorum. there is a danger that could have a negative impact for candidates who don't have the funding to counter those sort of attacks. >> andrew rafferty, following rick santorum for us. we'll see you out there, andrew. thanks so much. and "way too early" and "morning joe" will be live from java joes on monday, we'll be there all week covering the iowa caucuses. international news, north korea knocking down suggestion -- the country issuing a stern warning this morning, the day after tens of thousands of soldiers packed the
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main square in the capital of pyongyang for a final tribute to kim jong-il. his youngest son, kim jong-un is being recognized as the new supreme leader of the people, state, and army. incredible scene there in the square in pyongyang. another sign rallying around the successor, issuing a tough message at the country's southern neighbor. referred to south korea's leadership as a puppet group vowing never to deal with traders and "foolish politicians." and in business, verizon facing backlash today after announcing a new $2 convenience fee for customers who pay their bills online. aimed at reducing the number of late payments, but cell phone users say it's a slap in the face. nbc's pete williams reports. >> the new fee goes into effect in mid january and applies to subscribers of verizon çwirele, the nation's largest wireless service provider. as word of it spreads, it's
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coming as unwelcome surprise. >> $2 is a lot when it sums up through the year. >> if there's extra money on your bill or whatever you're paying for, you're going to get people on your bad side. >> feels like a penalty to me. >> it's very shocking. >> starting january 15th, customers will be charged $2 fee each month if they pay their verizon wireless bill by going directly to the company website. the same fee applies to paying every month by phone. that's $2 each time the bill is paid. but the company says it will not charge the fee for customers who pay the old fashioned way by mailing in a check or by enrolling in automatic billing from a credit/debit, atm or checking account giving direct monthly act says cess to your a. no extra fee for customers who go to a store or kiosk to pay in person, log on to their own online bank, use the company's gift or rebate cards or use electronic checking.
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the response has been instantaneous. there's no fee if you walk in a store and take an employee's time to pay? yet it costs $2 to do it online? another tweets, verizon wants to charge you for the privilege of paying them. >> verizon wireless is the country's largest cell phone company serving 91 million phones and other devices. still ahead on "way too early," robert griffin iii leads baylor in the highest scoring bowl game in the history of bowl games. the word shootout does not sacrifice when the teams combine forç an astounding 1,400 yardsf total offense. highlights of an outrageous alamo bowl ahead in sports. plus, tim tebow has dazzled fans this season, but one professional athlete is not impressed. in fact, he bet $1 million against tebow and the broncos last week and won. we'll tell you who it is and get a check on weather when "way too
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5:46 in the morning, looking at a beautiful live picture of time square. will be full of revelers, including bill karins in a couple of nights. let's check your weather with bill karins. what is the new year's plan, my friend? >> it looks simple, i'll be in bed by 8:00. >> my man with an early work schedule and little kids. >> yeah. maybe i'll set my alarm for like 11:55 and wake up. >> exactly. >> 1 million people in time square. crazy fact. as the weather goes as we end this year, it looks pretty
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simple. rain and snow showers heading for chicago, light snow southern minnesota into wisconsin, really not going to cause any headaches out there. today's forecast, nice and simple for anyone traveling, heading into the holiday weekend. 50s as far north as new york, boston at 46, we're ending this crazy warm december on that exact trend. in dallas and florida, no problems at all. still kind of rainy in the pacific northwest. as we go through new year's eve, warm, midnight, no cold forecast out there. it's going to be strange. usually it's the coldest holiday of the year, not this year. and new year's day, that's when the first surge of arctic air will arrive. it'll be felt in the northern plains on sunday. as we head toward the new year, looks like that cold air over the eastern half of the country% it's a blast of cold air, from approximately about tuesday till about thursday, then it's gone. it's not sticking around. so i guess we can deal with that. >> it was cold here yesterday. >> that was a one-day little tease. >> all right, bill, thanks so
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much. happy new year, my friend. >> you too. last night, an absolutely insane alamo bowl featuring baylor and 2011 heisman trophy winner. griffin showing why he won that heisman somehow slips the sack, gets away from three guys there, takes off finding open field, getting into the corner of the end zone. great run, 24-yard, baylor up, look at this kid. the washington quarterback, oh, little pump fake there, actually outplayed griffin, 15 yards for a diving touchdown. washington jumps out to an 18-point lead in the third quarter, but baylor makes a furious comeback not by griffin by on the legs of that kid. he finds a huge hole, burns the defense for 89 yards, went from 6kán the game. are you ready for this final score? washington loses to baylor
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67-56. baylor, 67, washington, 56, shy of 1,400 yards total combined. that's the highest-scoring regulation bowl game in the history of bowl games. the champs sports bowl in orlando, notre dame taking on florida state. if this were 20 years ago, this would have been the game of the year. notre dame, reese lobs it up, look at that catchby michael floyd in the end zone. somehow goes up, loses it, taps it back to himself four times, pulls it in. he'll be playing in the nfl this time next year. the seminoles come back in the fourth quarter, e.j. manuel hits reid for an 18-yard touchdown. great catch there. florida state with the ball, manuel finds rashad green in the end zone, collapses in the fourth quarter allowing 15 unanswered points. florida state wins it 18-14. to the nba, incredible finish to last night's mavs
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thunder games, down two, seven seconds left, kicks it out to vince carter who hits the three-pointer and takes the lead with 1.4 seconds left on the clock. kevin durant, your move, sir. >> will throw in. here is durant for the win! durant has won it! >> kevin durant with a fade away three-pointer with 1.4 seconds left, unbelievable. thunder beat the mavs 104-102. and finally, boxing champ floyd money mayweather living up to his nickname. according to the las vegas review journal newspaper, the boxing champ placed a $1 million bet on the december 18th football game between the new england patriots and the denver broncos. mayweather was betting against tim tebow, the report says, and
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his denver broncos. didn't believe in them. the patriots won handily byç t score 41-23. mayweather begins a 90-day jail sentence next week, he'll have to wait to enjoy that cash. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," four days until mitt romney and iowa is looking awfully confident. . and when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to hear michele bachmann talk about her very favorite semiaut rifle. this is good stuff. we'll be right back. the execution, the hanging of saddam hussein, the reaction
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in iraq both joy and outrage as the pictures of the last moments of saddam's life were broadcast around the world.
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just four days, iowa sets the stage for the presidential election with the winner of the state's caucuses getting a big shot in the arm. iowa may also be a player in the general election. tell your friends iowa, one of only two states that has
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switched parties in three consecutive presidential elections. iowa voted for gore in 2000, bush in 2004, and obama in 2008. the only other state to do that new mexico. you hear michele bachmann talk about her we of choice. we had the congresswoman in here a couple of weeks ago on "morning joe." she was great, delightful, but a petite woman, let's be honest. and let me tell you, her gun is not petite. >> my favorite gun is an a.r. 15 because you can be so accurate with it. and i scored the best in my class of any of the men too. >> an a.r. 15 -- >> a big rifle. >> yeah. that's a combat we. >> i love it. i like being accurate. and that is a great gun. >> accurate and apparently lots of fire power and many, many shots. >> yeah. >> how big is your magazine? >> you really want to know? >> is it a legal magazine?
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>> of course it is. >> michele bachmann knows her guns. it's a civilian sporting rifle, it's the civilian version of the military m-16 made for the armed forces. she can handle a we and she talksç authentically. you know she shoots a gun, unlike others who say they used to shoot var-- this is perhaps our favorite clip of the year, november 5th, 2011, this young gentleman wearing the coonskin cap was an eyewitness to a high-speed police chase in panama city, florida, and he has uttered words that caught fire on the internet ever since. >> he came in dukes of hazard getting it digging like that like dale jr. and then hooked up and shot forward and when he hooked up and shot forward, that's when he came and hit. >> he came in dukes of hazard, getting it getting it like dale
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jr. you're already checked out for new year's, tweets, texts, and e-mails and "morning joe" minutes away. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm
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